Secondary Case

Name : Daniel     Age : 15 years old    

Referral Problem : Parents were concerned about Daniel’s academics and asked school for help. School officials referred Daniel to our centre for assessment.

  • Comes from a traditional elite local school. He was asked to repeat Form 3 as his grades were low.
  • Assessment results indicated that he did not have SPLD, but has lower than average IQ.

  • Assessment
    Educational Psychologist

  • Weekly 90 minute one to one session
  • Training on memorization techniques and critical thinking methods
  • Learn about reading comprehension strategies
  • Learn methods to understand the meaning behind each mathematic formula
  • step-by-step exercise drill with guidance and consistent feedback

  • Needs
    Educational Psychologist
    Specialist Teacher

    During the few months of training, Daniel has:
  • Increased abilities in visual and verbal thinking,
  • Gained confidence in answering questions on tests,
  • Overall grades have improved

  • Intervention
    Specialist Teacher