Primary School Case

Name : Hei Hei     Age : 6 years old    

Referral Problem : Hei Hei was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 3 years old. When he entered primary school, he had troubles with school adjustment. During class, he was easily distracted by his surroundings and had a harder time following instructions. He often threw temper tantrums and was unable to express his thoughts and emotions. Additionally, Hei Hei often fixated on objects that his finds interesting and was unable to socially interact with peers. The school reflected the situation to Hei Hei’s parents, which led them to bring him to our centre for further assessment and training.

Assessment results indicated that Hei Hei's social communicative skills are weaker than that of his same aged peers. It is evident that he has difficulties communicating with peers during social interactions, despite having no problems with listening to instructions in class. Our Educational Psychologist recommended Hei Hei to take some individual educational programs (IEP) as well as social group class to enhance his emotional regulation, self-control, and communicative skills.

Educational Psychologist

  • IEPs entail training on emotional regulation and following instructions through the use of activities that require perspective taking and understanding social cues
  • Group classes aim to help Hei Hei improve his social interaction with peers (i.e: cooperative and communicative skills)

  • Needs
    Educational Psychologist
    Specialist Teacher

    Hei Hei has improved immensely in the following:
  • Now understand when is an appropriate time to ask instructor questions
  • Able to use newly learned calming techniques to help him calm down when feeling angry and frustrated
  • Has a better understanding of different types of social cues and stronger perspective taking skills through reading social stories
  • Begins to initiate interactions with peers and participate in group activities during group training

  • Intervention
    Specialist Teacher