Preschool Case

Name : Sasha     Age : 4 years old    Referral Problem : Suspicion of global developmental delay and ASD features

She was first assessed by our EP who has extensive experiences working with preschool children. Assessment results indicated that Sasha needed interventional support in the physical, social, and language areas of development.

Educational Psychologist

  • Fine Motor Skills (i.e: grasping)
  • Social Emotional (joint attention, emotion control)
  • Receptive Language (i.e: following instructions)
  • Expressive Language (i.e: encourage communication using Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Attention and Concentration

  • Needs
    Educational Psychologist
    Specialist Teacher

    During the nine-month training, she has:
  • Become more calm and amicable
  • Learned to engage in joint attention and maintain eye contact with others
  • Shown improvements in listening skills (especially with following instructions)
  • An increase interest to engage in social interactions and will desire social feedback

  • Intervention
    Specialist Teacher