Tertiary Education Case

Name : Ben     Age : 20 years old    Referral Problem : Have difficulties with university level courses while studying abroad

  • After secondary school, Ben went to the US to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  • Assessment results indicate that Ben has ASD and SPLD features.

  • Assessment
    Educational Psychologist

  • 3 weeks intensive summer classes
  • One to one IEP tailored to help with university core courses (Statistics, English literature)
  • Learn reading comprehension strategies and understanding character perspectives & author’s purpose
  • Learn about visual frameworks that provide a concrete, graphic structures to support higher order thinking
  • Tailored study and note taking skills
  • Attention and concentration training

  • Needs
    Educational Psychologist
    Specialist Teacher

  • Grasped solid understanding of statistical formulas and application skills
  • Can now read and comprehend literature papers with more ease
  • Overall grades have improved significantly the following semester

  • Intervention
    Specialist Teacher