We believe that learning technologies serve as an important means to support children’s cognitive and psychological processes learning, thereby promoting healthy child development. Therefore, it is our aim to improve children and adolescents’ self-awareness and to assist them in overcoming their learning difficulties through the use of NeuroGo.

What is NeuroGo?

A neurofeedback brain training that unlocks the path and takes you to a trip round the globe and build the 10 Wonders of the world.

NeuroGo combines multimedia electronic tools with cutting edge neuroscience related technology to enhance the attention control and executive functioning abilities of children and adolescents with attentional issues. In addition, NeuroGo is a parent-child interactive training tool and offers a fun and interactive game for children to learn to control their attention while simultaneously educating parents on the key features of positive parenting:


Brain Based Training for Attention

  • An interactive training tool designed to help children exercise their brain daily with the goal of improving their levels of attention.
  • Repeated exercise allows children to strengthen their ability to control their attention and reduce inattentiveness.


Develop Cognitive Awareness

  • Captures and display real time measurements of children’s brainwaves – allowing children to visualize and experience how to control own attention via neurofeedback technique


Encourages positive parent-child interaction:

  • Provide useful resources to support and guide parents on effective parenting skills
  • Encourages positive parent-child communication skills through systematic coaching

* This application has to be used together with the Macrotellect Brainlink headband for detecting the user’s brainwave.
* Macrotellect Brainlink headband must be purchased separately. Users can contact HKEPSC ( or purchase it directly from Macrotellect (http://